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1999 New Jersey Procure

®50WS Evaluations in Apple

W.P. Cowgill, Jr.1, J.M. Compton2, R. Best, Sr.3, G. Donato4, M. Maletta5, M. Peters6
Rutgers University, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Experiment 1

Rutgers University Field Study, Snyder Research and Extension Farm
Evaluate the efficacy of early season disease control and possible size influencing characteristics of
®50WS fungicide in a comparative study against new classes of fungicides, in a randomized,
replicated study.

Experiment 2:

Commercial Grower Trial, Best Fruit Farm
Evaluate size gradients and commercial packouts of a commercial demonstration trial with Procure
50WS. Procure®50WS, combined with an industry standard EBDC fungicide in an early season
disease control program was compared against a grower standard program utilizing the same EBDC
fungicide combined with an alternate sterol inhibitor class fungicide applied under commercial


Control of early season diseases in apples has always been a challenge to growers throughout history.
Apple scab is the most economically important disease to growers throughout the northeastern United
States, followed closely by powdery mildew. Other early season fungal diseases of concern to
northeastern United States growers include cedar apple rust and quince rust. Effective control of these
early season diseases to date has been obtained with the inclusion of a sterol inhibitor (SI) class
fungicide in a spray program (4). Although the SI's have excellent eradicative and protective action
against many of the fungal diseases that infect apples, observations in numerous trials have indicated
a potential adverse effect on fruit size due to their mode of action (2,3,7).

Triflumizole (Procure®50WS, Uniroyal Chemical) is a recent introduction into the SI family that has
been evaluated in numerous university and grower trials as compared to the other SI fungicides (1,5).

Sovran®50W (kresoxim-methyl, BASF Corporation) and Flint[TM] 50W (Trifloxystrobin, Novartis) are
two new strobilurin class fungicides that possess broad-spectrum protective and curative activities
against many of the diseases that effect pome fruits. Although its activity against scab and mildew is
highly effective, Sovran
®50W is not quite as effective against rusts as the sterol inhibitors (9, 10,11).
Flint[TM] 50W is not labeled for control against the rust diseases that affect apples (12).

Vangard[TM] 75WG (cyprodinil, Novartis) is a new anilinopyrimidine (AP) class fungicide that is
labeled on apples for protective and curative activity against scab, but does not possess a label for the

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